IMG_0539 3From Reptile to Erectile … From all 4’s to 2 Feet!

This workshop/class is designed to increase your primal agility of your spine, hips, knee, and feet as well as protection from degeneration and dis-ease.

The ARCHETYPAL FLOOR POSTURE SEQUENCE workshop is for two types of people. The first is for the person looking to get maximum performance out of their body by exploring different shape combinations that are required for optimal function. The second is for the person struggling with mobility limitations who desires to increase their strength, flexibility, and function, while decreasing pain, degeneration, and dis-ease.

This is an interactive workshop that’s designed to take you from the floor to standing up by moving through a series of floor based postures. Although this concept may sound basic and unnecessary, due to our modern sedentary lifestyle and poor design of furniture we have lost the innate bio-mechanical ability to transition smoothly from sitting on the floor to standing upright on two feet.

Watch a toddler or young children navigate on the ground level. They have the flexibility of a Chinese acrobat. Flash forward 20-30 years, and these peeps have the flexibility of a 4,000-year-old mummy. Why is that? Its all about the shapes that we put ourselves into throughout the day on a day in day out basis. These abnormal positions shrink our full range of motion. We’re left with stiff and achy bodies.

To maneuver from the floor to a standing position is a lost art…unless your regularly do yoga, jiu-jitsu, or some other discipline that spends time on the floor. Children mastered this movement sequence. Regrettably, we have created a life of physical convenience and laziness and in doing so we lost this normal skill set.

Solution… return to the natural postures we assumed as little babies as we learned to sit up tall, crawl, squat, and stand. These floor based postures were critical during our early growth and developmental years. Unfortunately we de-volved once we learned how to stand up. We shoved and squeezed our bodies into the confining chair sitting position or the uber cushy couch, and that’s when things went wrong on a biomechanical level.

Our neuro-musculo-skeletal system needs a full spectrum of movement to stay in good moving health. If you want to wake up tomorrow and perform at your highest potential or simply to age gracefully, it is critical…essential ….and mandatory that you spend time on the floor in the postures that you will learn in this seminar.

Until we see you in person…. Get out of your chair or off your sofa and get on the floor! While you’re at….take off your shoes too and go barefoot!

RSVP to reserve your space….as space will be limited.…


BLUE SPINECHECKERYou should be curious about each and every one of your joints’ potential. I know this may sound like the opening to a marijuana horticulture book rather than from a Chiropractor, but as a movement specialist and enthusiast I’ve cross-pollinated into different modalities of movement over the past year and discovered some fascinating new insights…the most important being… optimizing the “potential of motion” of your joints and especially the spinal joints truly is a spiritual endeavor. Here’s what I mean.

In the past year my movement nutrition palate has exploded from hand balancing with Ido Portal’s crew…to becoming a beast, crab, scorpion, & ape with the Animal Flow peeps….to the human movement optimization FRC/ KINSTRETCH trainings with Dr. Andreo Spina and his ninja instructors… to another teacher training with alignment wizard and yoga physicist Alex Crow…to the weekly strength and conditioning programing by Danny Lesslie of Deuce Gym… to checking and adjusting the spines and extremities of the active lifestyle lovers of Los Angeles…and most importantly playing on the floor with my 6 and 3 year old nieces…..(wow that’s a huge run-on sentence).

My goal in studying with these masters of movement was to discover and uncover new ranges of motion and to increase my kinesthetic lexicon. After incorporating all of these different styles of movement into my personal holistic body-mind training program I began noticing some movement deficiencies along certain pathways that had remained dormant for years. This was absolutely fascinating as it gave me the opportunity to “clean-up” dysfunctional joints and weak/tight muscles. And let me tell you…When I find dysfunctional joints I approach the “clean-up” process targeted strategies like Harvey Keitel’s character Winston Wolf, “The Cleaner” from Pulp Fiction.

You need an optimal surplus of movement in order to move and perform. The problem is most people are living in deficit. They’re bankrupt in terms of motion and then they’re borrowing motion from other areas and that’s causing injury. And it’s not a matter of if they’re going to have a problem it’s a matter of when and how big.

When you improve the range of motion to your dysfunctional and deficient joints, watch how much better you move… …think… breathe…and  even relax. Probably the most important by-product of this work will be increasing your body’s innate ability to adapt to different stress loads. Your tissues won’t buckle. Your body won’t buckle. After all… it’s only when your tissues can’t handle the “stress load” that injuries happen.

I’m gonna warn you that this clean-up practice that emphases your movement foundation and fundamentals isn’t sexy when you watch the videos on Instagram or Facebook. What is attractive and sexy is you when you dedicate a portion of your “practice” to cleaning up your movement deficiencies to make sure you have the prerequisites to perform your movement demands so you can kick ass on the yoga mat, in the gym, on the surfboard, on the slackline, on the court, and most importantly at home.

So here’s the homework. Commit …


ball front

In this video, Dr. Jeremy Brook, Dr. Mike Isseks, and Dr. Kristyn Silver, demonstrate how to perform The Ball Chair Spinal Lubrication Sequence.





Watch it here:















1. Funky Chickens- 10-25 repetitions
2. “No” motion- 10-25 repetitions
3. “Yes” motion- 10-25 repetitions
4. “Maybe” motion- 10-25 repetitions

1. Cannonballs- 25-50 repetitions
2. Side Bends- 25-50 repetitions
3. Rotations- 25-50 repetitions

1. Remember to breathe
2. Do all of the movements with superb posture.
3. Don’t go to your maximum. Leave some room to play.

4. Do this upon rising and going to sleep at the edge of your bed.…


 Healthy NeckDr. Brook shares his #1 Tip for a Healthy Neck as walks you through a basic and advanced movement sequence involving a total of 9 gliding moves scientifically designed to increase your range of motion and minimize neuromuscular degeneration.

What is the #1 tip for a healthy neck?

Learn the 3 common DONT’S with regards to neck movements too!

Carve out a piece of time each day and practice these gliding movements so you can experience a healthy neck!

















To get a more detailed explanation his #1 Tip for a Healthy Neck , check out Dr. Brook’s book, THE SPINECHECKER’S MANIFESTO. It’s packed with goodies not just for your neck…but for your entire body and mind!

To BUY HIS BOOK, go to .

Special Shout out to the models:
Daniella Smith
~ Musician & Muse

James Arthur Mermaid-
~ Naturalist and Captian of S/V Ellamore
~ Marina Del Rey sailing charters & photography expeditions ??

Filmed in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Dr. Jeremy Brook, a Los Angeles Chiropractor, (, provides holistic care for the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, and other surrounding areas.

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Los Angeles ChiropractorIn addition to a daily yoga practice, Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy Brook weight trains 2-3 times a week on his Indo Board.

Being a “professional chiropractic athlete” you have to train your body and mind to the fullest. You have to me mentally present…your body has to be strong…. and your heart has to be open.

Hope your chiropractor is in alignment when adjusting you!


Watch the video here:


BTW….please be safe when using your Indo Board while lifting weights. 🙂

The Life Center Chiropractic provides care for the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, and other surrounding areas.




Chiropractically Approved Yoga TeachersHere’s the first batch of Los Angeles based teachers that Dr. Brook currently takes led yoga classes from.

You may see Dr. Brook in any of the following teachers’ classes… so be sure to practice with good form. 🙂




Click on their name to view their website and class schedule.

Grace Flowers

Grace Flowers








Meredith Liebross

Meredith Liebross








Tiffany Russo

Tiffany Russo








Rudy Mettia

Rudy Mettia








Alexandria Crow

Aexandria Crow








Mia Togo









Micheline Berry

Micheline Berry








Lauren Eckstrom

Lauren Eckstrom








Layna Daykin

Layna Dakin








Rachelle Tratt

Rachelle Tratt

















Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christensen








Hala Khouri









Patti Quintero









Saul David Raye

* No longer based in Los Angeles….but catch him when he’s in town!

Saul David Raye








Erich Schiffmann

* He teaches during Dr. Brook’s current adjusting hours…but is one of his most influential teachers…ever.

Erich Schiffmann








Catch these epic chiropractically approved yoga teachers at the following Studios in Venice, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles.

Exhale Venice

Yoga Works

Hot 8

The Yoga Collective

Bikram Marina

Power Yoga- Santa Monica



This is by NO means the only list of teachers that Dr. Brook endorses. They are the main teachers that Dr. Brook currently takes led classes from. Stay tuned for another batch of super teachers you may want to check out too!…


Upper Cervical misalignment = Poor Posture = Poor Health

1. Is your posture poor? Do you have rounded shoulders and/or forward head posture? Does your head feel heavy to hold?

2. Is your head tilted to one side and/or your head rotated to one side when you look in a mirror? This can be really subtle.

3. Does your nose or nasal septum deviate to one side? If so, you may find that it deviates towards the side to which your atlas has moved anterior (e.g. nose deviates to the left; then atlas is anterior on the left)

4. Is one of your shoulders lower than the other? Pull your shoulders back and down and look carefully for one lower than the other. Again it can be subtle.

5. Press firmly but gently with your thumb into the impression just below your skull at the top of your neck on both sides (see picture). This is known as the sub-occipital area. Find the base of your skull and press the soft flesh around that area. Is this tender or painful for you?

6. Do you have some shoulder and/or neck pain/aches, which don’t seem to go away?

7. Does your jaw click when you use it, open it to eat etc. Further check on this; Put your pinkies (little fingers) into your ear canals and chew normally. Do you feel a bumpy dislocation like feeling? This should be a smooth action in your joints.

8. Do you have any lower back pain or mid back pain (under the shoulder blades) niggles?

9. Can you move your head from side to side without pain or restriction? Is there a loss of Range of Motion (ROM)?

10. Do you have any sand paper, clicking or crunching sounds when moving your head from side to side in a ‘NO’ action? (i.e. cervical crepitus)

11. Is your hearing a problem or do you have other ear symptoms (e.g. tinnitus, watery sounds, blockages, vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, otalgia, recurrent
ear infections)?

12. Do you often get headaches or migraines?

13. Can you remember any trauma (even minor) to the head, neck or shoulders?

14. Was your birth difficult?

15. How’s your vision? – Sensitive to light, especially at dusk, floaters?

16. Do you experience any dizziness, vertigo or movement sensations (i.e. loss of proprioception)? Does the ground seem to move away from you?

17. Do you experience any tingling and burning sensations especially in fingers and toes?

18. Do you have confirmed Scoliosis of the spine, from x-rays? Do you have one leg shorter than the other or is your pelvis higher on one side?

19. Have you had any x-rays, CT scans or MRIs taken of your cervical spine (neck)? Do these reveal loss of cervical lordosis (neck curve), even a small


Los Angeles chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy Brook, and Scott Singer of Street Sports Jiu-Jitsu Chatsworth, present a fundamental warm up routine perfect for combat fighters.

In Part 1, Dr. Jeremy Brook guides you through a full body lubrication sequence to optimize performance and minimize stress and strain. Emphasis is placed on creating movement in all the of the major joints of the body.

“After you have received your specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustment, it is necessary to FIRST move with intelligence….then stretch….then strengthen….and then ENERGIZE!” says Dr. Jeremy Brook.

Although the video is roughly 18 minutes, the entire routine can be completed in half that time.

As with participating in any workout program, use impeccable form and practice with samurai focus.

The Spinechecker’s Airplane Yoga Flow Sequence Part 1

For all you frequent fliers out there, check out this video to minimize spinal stress while flying on an airplane, so that when you arrive to your destination you will have worked all the “kinks” out and be pain-free. Nothing is worse then spending your vacation struggling with pain, headaches, or extreme moodiness!

The now famous “Cervical Salutations” along with other movement and breathing sequences are demonstrated.

After watching this video you’ll begin to catch a common theme taught by West Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy Brook, and that’s get adjusted… then move, eat, think, sleep, love, and breathe with intelligence to make sure your energy/ information gets deposited in the right places and the right concentration.…

The Spinechecker’s Stance on Headstand

A chiropractor’s viewpoint on the health of Headstand for the spine. If you love to practice yoga you may desire to watch this short video. It could change your life…and the life force that flows through your body.

If you practice yoga in Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Monica, or in the nearby vicinity, come and get your spine checked at The Life Center. Your yoga practice won’t be sorry.