The Cervical Salutations

Tuesday, March 5th 12:30pm-1:30pm

Join Dr. Jeremy Brook for a Lunch and Learn designed specifically for yoga teachers!

Learn the 16 Correct Movements of the Neck and the 2 Most Common Ones You Should Never Do.

Learn How to Unlock the Neck From Pain and Distress by Integrating a Scientifically Designed 6-Part Sequence Based on the Laws of Biomechanics.

We will spend time looking at what is actually happening to the shape of the neck during the most common “cues” and will discuss which and why some cues should be retired!

If You Ever Had Uncertainty How to Move and Position Your Head and Neck in a Yoga Pose….You Won’t After This Workshop!

Free for the first 20 yoga teachers who RSVP!

Our Anatomy Lab: Lunch and Learns sell out…. so don’t miss out!


MOVER= marital artist, weightlifter, dancer, athlete, coach, CrossFit enthusiast, or human.





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Peter R.

Dr. Jeremy Brook is simply the BEST. He’s extremely talented at what he does, and he’s smart and articulate – he’s everything you’d want a doctor to be — but with none of the usual difficulties that folks so often talk about when dealing with health care professionals. What do I mean by that? So many medical types lack social skills, and even if they are technically good, they can’t communicate with you. Jeremy, however, is an extraordinary communicator — and can show you precisely how and why he’s doing what he’s doing — he’s a great doctor if you like understanding the treatment process.

Energy is important in life, and the energy that Jeremy puts into his work shows his true passion for it. The guy just loves what he does, and that comes through in every detail of his practice and his life. He runs a happy office, as a result, and a friendly one — and it’s just so refreshing to have that experience. Jeremy cares — not in a bullshit sales way — but in a genuine, decent, human heart way.

None of this would matter if Jeremy was not an superlative healer — but he is.My own family has lots of medical folks in it and I grew up with the very ‘western’ idea that surgery and pills were superior to ‘alternative’ cures. But my entire adult life has been a slow realization that this is wrong. Just dead wrong — on a practical level! Look at what traditional medicine can offer the average back pain sufferer. Not much! But Jeremy’s methods are a brilliant combination of western and eastern techniques. I got interested in seeing Jeremy after he had completely eliminated my wife’s longstanding pain. Bottom line — Jeremy is a pain eliminator and a body energizer.

He is, just as the ‘Rating’ stars I’ve picked to indicate it, is woohoo! As good as it gets.


Jesse H.

I started going to the Life Center Chiropractic a couple years ago after meeting Dr. Jeremy Brook at anatomy workshop he was giving at a yoga teacher training. I was impressed by his holistic approach to healing and I was tired of low back pain and chronic headaches.

You can not find a nicer office. Joanne, Niko and Meghan make scheduling appointments (even at the last minute) incredibly easy, pleasant, and flexible. The Life Center space is peaceful and well organized. It is apparent even the first time a person walks in that impeccable attention has been given to every detail of the office’s atmosphere. It is a place that cultivates and encourages mindfulness (i.e. interesting music selections, shoes off at the door, phones silenced, etc. )

After my first month of adjustments I stopped having pressure headaches and I haven’t had one since. This is a condition …


Keep Calm and Get  Adjusted


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