We have some EXCITING news to share with you to optimize and enhance your mind – body – spine connection. We bring to you SPINECHECKER’S TRANSMISSIONS. Whoa, wait, what’s that? 

SPINECHECKER’S TRANSMISSIONS are experiential group sessions incorporating pranayama-yogic breathing methods, guided meditations with experts experts, philosophers, and special guests, combined with specific settings, or recipes, from the BioCharger! 

What’s the BioCharger?

So if you’ve been inside The Life Center Chiropractic recently you’ve noticed a fantastic new space age machine in our movement area that resembles something out of a Nikola Tesla laboratory. Well, to some degree… it is! It’s called the BioCharger and we’re really excited to share it with you!

The BioCharger is the only health optimization platform of its kind. It utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs).  As individual energies, each has its fair share of supported research, however, the BioCharger is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate all four of these beneficial energies into one platform. These transmitted energies have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity. 

We can select a “recipe” that will generate a desired frequency for your body to soak in. Recipes are what we call the frequency programs that run on the BioCharger. They are what make the BioCharger sing with revitalizing energy.  Now it’s great for just meditating next to it, but we’re going to take it a couple levels deeper! We’ve been using it for the past month to get familiar with it, combining meditation, yogic breathing, yoga postures and have had some amazing results.

Here’s our LINEUP!

To kick things off, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:15 am we’ll be doing guided breathing to control your autonomic nervous system and boost your immune system. We’re going to stack 3-5 rounds of the breathing method with the BioCharger on the ABUNDANCE recipe, meaning that as you’re performing the guided breath, the BioCharger will generate a beneficial field of abundance around you. The idea behind this recipe is to allow the harmonizing frequencies in this recipe to assist you in mind exercises and meditative effectiveness. Any inner practices that are used will be enhanced and empowered to a higher energy potential.

If that wasn’t enough, to close this session, we’ll finish with alternate nostril breathing to balance the body while we run a 6-minute Chakra balancing recipe. 

Okay, now I’ve opened the floodgates, Chakras and alternate nostril breathing?

We’ve all heard of them – those mystical parts of our body that hippies refer to in casual conversation. Well – that’s us, we’re those kind of hippies – and we’re all about chakras!

Why? Because chakras are spinning wheels of energy that are a part of the energetic anatomy of the body, that’s why. They’re the junction between your physical body and mental and emotional body.

When our chakras are out of whack, we simply can’t function at our highest potential. We feel funky, imbalanced, and just …


THE LIFE CENTER CHIROPRACTIC offers top level chiropractic care to communities in the Los Angeles Area including: Venice, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills, Century City, and Westwood, since 2001.

If you don’t live in our community, but want a recommendation, message us on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to connect you with a great chiropractor near you!

5 Ways to Elevate Your Vibration

Whether you’re aware of it or not, people pick up on, and respond to you based on your vibration. It is of the utmost importance that you are able to check in and have an awareness of what you’re putting out to the world…energetically speaking.

You should be able to recall at least one time in your life (hopefully many) where you felt unstoppable, amazing, powerful, successful, etc. For me it was at my wedding. Surrounded by LOVE, my amazing wife, and all of our closest friends and family. For those few hours I felt perfectly present with zero worry, stress, or anxiety. I felt a massive amount of gratitude and love, and had a sense of being surrounded by all things beautiful. Since then, I have referred to this high-vibrational state as a “natural high” because I haven’t been able to put that specific feeling into words.

This is the vibrational state in which I strive to live my life, every day. If I ever feel like I’m drifting from this, I remember some of the following important action steps to bring me back:

  1. LOVE ~ Visualize those you love the most. Bring them to the forefront of your consciousness. I immediately think of the birth of my son, the strength of my wife, and the overflow of love that washed over me when he arrived into this world.
  2. GRATITUDE ~ Simply be grateful for what you have. Whether it be people or things in your life that you have taken for granted…acknowledge them. We all have people in our lives that we care about and who we just “expect to be there”. We may go lengths without reaching out or connecting because of these lives we call busy. I challenge you to call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know how grateful you are for them.
  3. GENEROSITY ~ It feels good to give. It feels even better to give without the expectation of reciprocity. Giving is a great way increase vibration while while greed does the opposite.
  4. MEDITATION ~ When you realize that the moment that matters most is this NOW moment, your life will change. When you meditate you are bringing your awareness to this very moment. Here are some things that will help keep you there; a) Tune into the sounds of your environment, a chirping bird, a horn sounding, etc. b) Pay attention to how your body is feeling i.e. muscle tightness, emotions that may be eliciting a visceral response, areas where you are feeling fluidity or relaxation c) Observe your thoughts, what’s coming through? No need to act on them at this very moment, simply acknowledge them and let them pass by.
  5. AFFIRMATIONS ~ Use positive statements to affirm what you are looking to attract into your life. These are daily statements that you desire to be true, and you state them out loud as if they already are. The more specific you can be

Top 10 Researched Benefits of Chiropractic

1. Sciatica

2. Low Back Pain and Neck Pain

3. Headaches (Tension and Migraine)

4. Colic, Acid Reflux and Ear Infections in Children

5. Neurological Conditions

6. Blood Pressure

7. Surgery Prevention

8. Frozen Shoulder

9. Scoliosis

10. Athletic Performance

Read Dr. Axe’s post:


By Dr. Mike Isseks, D.C.

Your health should be, without a shadow of a doubt, your most valuable asset. Imagine for a moment that you possessed all the material things that you could ever want, yet you’re unable to enjoy them because you haven’t prioritized your health as you should have in the first place.

You might hear the word Triage and instantly associate it with a hospital. Triage is defined as the sorting and allocation of care to patients according to a system of priorities, to maximize the number of successful outcomes. In short, putting whoever and whatever is most urgent, first.
This type of prioritization should be widespread and applied to the optimization of our health. If this is done correctly, the end goal should be impeccable health.

We run into a problem as we see our society’s priorities getting skewed. We see people putting money at the top of their list, maybe family second and health a mere 3rd or even further down the list.

Furthermore, it’s extremely common to see people covering up their pain or problems, or “treating them” with medications as opposed to doing everything they can to figure the root cause of their problem. Nine times out of ten, if their health was their number one priority they may have avoided these hurdles altogether.

If there is a time to start making your health a priority, and bump it all the way up to #1… it’s not next week, or next month, it’s right NOW. Make this change in your priorities and I can assure you you’ll be seeing some positive shifts in your life!

~Dr. Mike Isseks…


By Dr. Eric Pinto

Our neuro-biology is wired for survival. 

Our consciousness is wired for expression. 

Think about the last time you watched a thrilling movie, and you know the main character was in a dangerous situation. 

You might have felt your physiology react as if you were in danger, yourself. The hair on the back of your neck stands up, your breath shortens, your body temperature may rise, and you’re anticipating something to react to. 

(If you feel your body doing this as you’re imagining it…take 3 deep breathes and continue reading )

Thankfully, we have these unconscious responses wired into us, for the benefit of our survival as a species. However, these mechanisms can directly compete with our ability and desire to be expressive human beings…

Why is that? 

The answer is lack of heart-brain coherence. 

I know Dr. Dispenza fans, or those familiar with the Heart-Math Institute, are probably nodding their heads with an emphatic YES, right now. 

Those that are unfamiliar, may not yet be aware that our hearts are far more than powerful blood pumping machines. Our hearts are highly intelligent organs, that generate the largest electromagnetic field from our body, when in a state of alignment and ease. Feelings of gratitude, joy, unity, and selflessness are scientifically shown to positively impact your field’s expression. 

Consciously striving to impact your heart’s electromagnetic expression, along with shifting your mental intention, can have dramatic effects on your health, happiness, and expression. This action, is what is called creating heart-brain coherence. 

Side effects (benefits) of heart-brain coherence are lowered blood pressure, decreased feelings of anxiety, stronger immune system, increased feelings of happiness and gratitude, and heightened creativity/mental clarity. 

In today’s fast paced, information-hungry society, you may not be surprised that coherence can be a fleeting event, and chronic stress, the antagonist to coherence, leads to many serious health conditions.

Now let’s get to the part where I help you make heart-brain coherence happen. 

Sit comfortably with your chest tall and expanded. Take deep breaths, inhaling from the base of your spine, moving up towards the peak of your head. On the exhales, continue the cycle going down the front of your body. Repeat. 

Close your eyes, and picture the future that you desire to achieve. Maybe you’re thinking about life after quarantine, where you’re re-connecting with friends and giving them a tight 10-second hug. Now, feel the gratitude and joy you would be experiencing in this situation. Linger in these feelings as long as possible, as they are what move you toward coherence. 

As you mentally venture back to your environment, it is key that you remain connected to the elevated emotions, as much as possible. 

Be kind and have patience with yourself, as the outside world will undoubtedly challenge your coherence. The good news is, you can repeat this process as needed. Practice makes perfect!

Lastly, take note on how your perspective of the world changes, as you shift your biology from survival to expression. It may …




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PILATESGood Body Pilates in Santa Monica, CA

SKELETAL HEALTH- OsteoStrong in Mar Vista, CA


MOVEMENTSoul Pump Fitness in West Los Angeles, CA




The Cervical Salutations

Tuesday, March 5th 12:30pm-1:30pm

Join Dr. Jeremy Brook for a Lunch and Learn designed specifically for yoga teachers!

Learn the 16 Correct Movements of the Neck and the 2 Most Common Ones You Should Never Do.

Learn How to Unlock the Neck From Pain and Distress by Integrating a Scientifically Designed 6-Part Sequence Based on the Laws of Biomechanics.

We will spend time looking at what is actually happening to the shape of the neck during the most common “cues” and will discuss which and why some cues should be retired!

If You Ever Had Uncertainty How to Move and Position Your Head and Neck in a Yoga Pose….You Won’t After This Workshop!

Free for the first 20 yoga teachers who RSVP!

Our Anatomy Lab: Lunch and Learns sell out…. so don’t miss out!


MOVER= marital artist, weightlifter, dancer, athlete, coach, CrossFit enthusiast, or human.





Check out what people are saying about Dr. Jeremy Brook and The Life Center Chiropractic

Read the reviews and testimonials below!




Peter R.

Dr. Jeremy Brook is simply the BEST. He’s extremely talented at what he does, and he’s smart and articulate – he’s everything you’d want a doctor to be — but with none of the usual difficulties that folks so often talk about when dealing with health care professionals. What do I mean by that? So many medical types lack social skills, and even if they are technically good, they can’t communicate with you. Jeremy, however, is an extraordinary communicator — and can show you precisely how and why he’s doing what he’s doing — he’s a great doctor if you like understanding the treatment process.

Energy is important in life, and the energy that Jeremy puts into his work shows his true passion for it. The guy just loves what he does, and that comes through in every detail of his practice and his life. He runs a happy office, as a result, and a friendly one — and it’s just so refreshing to have that experience. Jeremy cares — not in a bullshit sales way — but in a genuine, decent, human heart way.

None of this would matter if Jeremy was not an superlative healer — but he is.My own family has lots of medical folks in it and I grew up with the very ‘western’ idea that surgery and pills were superior to ‘alternative’ cures. But my entire adult life has been a slow realization that this is wrong. Just dead wrong — on a practical level! Look at what traditional medicine can offer the average back pain sufferer. Not much! But Jeremy’s methods are a brilliant combination of western and eastern techniques. I got interested in seeing Jeremy after he had completely eliminated my wife’s longstanding pain. Bottom line — Jeremy is a pain eliminator and a body energizer.

He is, just as the ‘Rating’ stars I’ve picked to indicate it, is woohoo! As good as it gets.


Jesse H.

I started going to the Life Center Chiropractic a couple years ago after meeting Dr. Jeremy Brook at anatomy workshop he was giving at a yoga teacher training. I was impressed by his holistic approach to healing and I was tired of low back pain and chronic headaches.

You can not find a nicer office. Joanne, Niko and Meghan make scheduling appointments (even at the last minute) incredibly easy, pleasant, and flexible. The Life Center space is peaceful and well organized. It is apparent even the first time a person walks in that impeccable attention has been given to every detail of the office’s atmosphere. It is a place that cultivates and encourages mindfulness (i.e. interesting music selections, shoes off at the door, phones silenced, etc. )

After my first month of adjustments I stopped having pressure headaches and I haven’t had one since. This is a condition …


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