Breathing Foundations/Breathing Fundamentals is a class dedicated to improving health, wellness, and optimal expression of your “humanness” by re-learning normal breathing patterns and engaging in deep breathwork practice.

Daniel Cortez, one of the first Wim Hof Method Master Instructors, teaches the breathing methods of the Wim Hof Method as well as other foundational techniques based on years of study and practice.

This class is for everyone!

*Handle the stress of your daily life
*Overcome a health problem
*Increase athletic performance

Please bring an eye mask (Mindfold is the model I prefer) and a blanket if you would like. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose and allows you to breathe fully and deeply. It’s best to practice breathwork on an empty stomach so try not to eat right before class.

COST: $20


In this video Los Angeles Chiropractor and Movement Specialist, Dr. Jeremy Brook, shares a video with you about DYNAMIC POSTURE.

Dynamic Posture isn’t static. It’s malleable. It’s alive. It has the ability to shift your consciousness, influence your mood, and improve your life.

Inject dynamic posture into your movement nutrition and reap the benefits.

Watch Here


In this video Dr. Jeremy Brook shares how to reduce pain, become more mobile and agile, and get your life back in alignment for 2014.

Follow his formula… become aware of your problem….design a game plan…take action on your game plan….and then reap the results of your efforts.

Dr. Jeremy Brook is a Doctor of Chiropractic who provides care for the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, and other surrounding areas.

Watch the video here:


Enjoy this video where Dr. Jeremy Brook shares his high tech secrets to meditation.

In his meditation, he incorporates a Mindfold relaxation mask to block out all light, while listening to binaural meditation beats. Dr. Brook also uses an iPhone app made by Ambiscience to focus his brainwave activity to a specific frequency.


In building…engineering technology, there’s a concept called PRE-LOADING which refers to a PRE-EXISTING TENSION within a BEAM about to be STRESSED.
In human technology, think of your SPINE, as an organic PRE-LOADED beam, about to be stressed by THE STRESSES OF LIFE… from a physical and mental standpoint.

If you are going to cook your spine throughout the day in a rounded/ hunched over position, do yourself a favor by re-setting your spine back to its optimal PRE-LOADED state so you can be energy efficient and stress-strain free.

That is why it is essential to mold the curves of the spine with either specific yoga poses like cobra or sphinx or with corrective chiropractic postural devices…everyday.


Degenerative changes of the spine can invade the spinal canal.
That’s a vital point, because in addition to the spinal cord, the spinal canal also contains the accessory drainage system of the brain. Degenerative changes in the neck can decrease the drainage capacity of the brain during upright posture, which could lead to a back up of fluids and metabolic waste activity.

In English, degenerative conditions caused by advanced vertebral subluxation of the cervical spine, especially the upper cervical spine and base of the skull, can affect blood flow into and out of the brain.

To optimize your circulatory and cerebrospinal fluid flow entering and existing the brain…get checked by your chiropractor! Your lifeline depends on it!…


Watch this video to bring your awareness to a zone of the spine that has tremendous biomechanical, neurological, and energetic properties and potential when properly aligned… I’m talking about the lumbo-sacral region which is remarkably designed.

How do you create optimal alignment and flow in this area? First get a chiropractic adjustment to this area you fee up the bones, the joints, and the discs of this intricate area.

After the adjustment do cannon balls, side bends, and rotations to lubricate the region and activate your innate intelligence. When you remove the interference your innate intelligence will create optimal internal organic alignment.

Throughout the day pay attention to the area right at the front of your sacrum to see which way your spine is tipping …forward or backward?
Don’t commit hari hari…. You know when the samurai ends his life with his kitara sword. This is the area of your power center….your solar plexus… Care for it well and you will be rewarded. Until we see you in person…stand tall my friend!!…

The Spinechecker’s Airplane Yoga Flow Sequence Part 1

For all you frequent fliers out there, check out this video to minimize spinal stress while flying on an airplane, so that when you arrive to your destination you will have worked all the “kinks” out and be pain-free. Nothing is worse then spending your vacation struggling with pain, headaches, or extreme moodiness!

The now famous “Cervical Salutations” along with other movement and breathing sequences are demonstrated.

After watching this video you’ll begin to catch a common theme taught by West Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy Brook, and that’s get adjusted… then move, eat, think, sleep, love, and breathe with intelligence to make sure your energy/ information gets deposited in the right places and the right concentration.…

Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

Some of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in practice have occurred while taking care of children and especially newborns. I gotta tell you, the birth process is intense! The journey of the new baby  from a luxurious five star uterus into a stressful gravity based word places a tremendous and amazing toll on its spine. Especially at the top part of the neck where the brain and spinal cord come together.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that this area is supremely important in growth and development. That’s why it is essential to make sure your baby is “clear of interference” at this level for proper communication between the brain and body. If there is a subluxation at this level, LIFE cannot flow freely.

That’s why I’ve included a research  article from one of my pediatric instructions, Dr. Peter Fysh. I expect you will see the value of chiropractic care for your kids!


That’s my little baby niece, Phoebe,  getting her atlas, the  upper most bone in the spine,  adjusted!

Suboccipital Strain in Newborns

By Peter Fysh, DC
The upper cervical spine and atlanto-occipital junction have been identified in previous studies as being the cause of a diversity of clinical findings affecting the newborn infant. This month we review a study by Biedermann in which suboccipital strain is identified as causing a variety of signs and symptoms in a group of 114 young infants.

The study, published in the Journal of Manual Medicine, not only identifies the signs and symptoms of the suboccipital strain syndrome, but also highlights the effectiveness of spinal adjustments in correcting the problem.1

Kinematic imbalances due to suboccipital strain, otherwise known as KISS syndrome, identifies the pathogenic potential of the craniovertebral junction to produce a constellation of clinical findings. From a group of 600 children, 114 were chosen for treatment and follow-up study. Their symptoms included restricted motion of the cervical spine, torticollis, cervical scoliosis, facial scoliosis, asymmetric muscle tone, retarded development of the hip joints, opisthotonos (retraction of the head and arching of the back, with infant unable to hold the head erect), deformities of the feet, restless sleep, and not eating or drinking well.

The most common findings were those of torticollis (head tilted to one side), scoliosis (sideways curve of the cervical spine), asymmetric muscle development, slow development of the hip joints and asymmetrical or slow development of motor skills.

The most common factors causing suboccipital strain were identified in the study as including intrauterine malposition of the fetus, the use of forceps or vacuum extraction during the birth process, prolonged labor and multiple fetuses (twins, triplets, etc.). The incidence of these risk factors in affected infants varied significantly from the established normal birth statistics.

According to the authors of this study, the pathogenic importance of asymmetric posture in infants and young children is often disregarded, with the condition either being dismissed as unimportant or not recognized at all.

All of the subjects in the study were …