Chiropractic 101 A

Chiropractic is a mind body discipline. The mind and body and linked together by the nervous system. The nervous system is protected by the spinal bones. And chiropractors are intimately involved with the relationship between the structure and alignment of the bony armor and the function of the nervous system.

Chiropractic aims at the balance, adaptation, and harmonization of all the essential human elements, the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is accomplished by clearing the nerve system, or inner-net, of interference.

Since the inner-net is the integrating master of all the systems in the body and is the ultimate anatomical vehicle for elevating and transforming consciousness, it is essential that it be maintained on a regular basis.

Chiropractic recognizes an intelligent life force that animates all living things. This intelligence uses our nerve system as the medium to transmit life, light, chi, or prana throughout the body. When this life force flows freely from the brain down the cord out the nerves to the tissue cells one is able to fully express their genetic potential.

When this flow of intelligence is obstructed due to a misaligned spinal bone, the whole human ecology is greatly affected and distorted. Our hormonal balance, our perceptions, our strength and coordination, our ability to handle stress and recover, our ability to grow, and our inner foundation are all compromised. This obstruction to our nerve system is called a vertebral subluxation. Vertebral, specifying a vertebrae or one of the 24 spinal bones, and sub-lux-ation, specifying, less light in expression.

Chiropractic optimizes human performance and productivity by detecting and correcting subluxations through the chiropractic adjustment.

People chose to enter chiropractic on many different levels: To relieve stress from their high paced lives, as a holistic component for strengthening and invigorating the body, as a healing art for physical challenges, or as a path to experience higher levels of consciousness.

Whatever your motivation, chiropractic offers profound benefits that will affect all areas of your life: improve posture, ed inner awareness, enhanced human performance and creativity, and optimal neurological expression.

By making the body and mind stronger chiropractic allows you to be flexible and dynamic with every new moment.

Just as ecology teaches us to live in harmony with the other beings on planet Earth, chiropractic teaches us to live in harmony with all the integral parts of ourselves. As we achieve balance on the inside we come to recognize balance on the outside.…

Why the Spine?

So……why do chiropractors focus on the spine, and what does the spine have to do with innate intelligence and fulfilling your potential in life? Well, as it turns out, a lot. The spine is made up of 24 bones which cover and protect your ‘communication superhighway’ – the spinal cord. It is via this neural network that your innate intelligence informs and coordinates the delicate dance which we call life.

Your chiropractor strives to optimize your spinal and nervous system function so that you can accurately interpret, and then appropriately respond to your life’s calling. In pursuing this purpose your chiropractor uses natural, safe, and carefully administered techniques structured and individualized to your personal physiology.

If you are already health conscious you will be aware of the important role of many aspects of the chiropractic lifestyle. You will likely know that regular exercise, a good diet, minimizing stress and maintaining a balanced mental attitude are all important for achieving and sustaining your best. You should also know about that important part of the equation upon which all others depend…….the nervous system.

The nervous system is the master control system to all cells, tissues and organs in the body. The health and proper function of your spine is essential to this system. The other components of the chiropractic lifestyle are obviously best pursued when spinal and nervous system function are at their best.…

Art at The Life Center Chiropractic

We believe that art can be an integral part of the process of relieving stress and transforming your life. The physical element of our center focuses on your body’s conditioning, but your mind needs stimulation to maintain a healthy mental outlook.

With that in mind, The Life Center Chiropractic is excited to begin displaying art from local artists.

If you are an artist wishing to exhibit your work, please drop us an email!…

The Wellness Solution

In order to experience TRUE HEALTH, one must have wisdom.

A wise person is always learning and asking new questions.

Below are 4 questions created by Dr. James Chestnut of The Wellness Practice that one should meditate and contemplate on.

1. How does the subluxation complex decrease health and vitality and quality of life and how does it increase susceptibility to disease and the accelerated aging process?

2. How does a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment increase health and vitality and quality of life and decrease susceptibility to disease and the accelerated aging process?

3. What lifestyle choices decrease health and vitality and quality of life and increase susceptibility to disease and the accelerated aging process?

4. What lifestyle choices are necessary to increase health and vitality and quality of life and decrease susceptibility to disease and the accelerated aging process?…

Movement Rules

For the first time in history, man is able to scientifically prove what the ancient disciplines taught in their sacred books about improving concentration and decreasing stress.  The key to overall physical and mental health lies with the spine!

You may not have even realized that your chiropractic adjustments and yoga practice may be the 2 most important things you do for the health of your body and mind.

As Yoga Sutra 1.2 says, “Yoga is the mastery of the activities of the mind-field” or yoga is about controlling the fluctuations of the mind.” But how do we go about this?

Phenomenal research by Dr. Jeremy Schmahmann, PhD., has shown how healing movement disciplines, such as chiropractic and yoga, are  vital for those striving to achieve total health. His work has shown that movement of the spine stimulates a part of the brain, the cerebellum, responsible for coordinating full body movement, thought, feelings, emotions and organ/ immune function.

Specialized receptors located in the joints of the spine, called proprioceptors, get fired when you move the spine, sending a message to the brain.

So what is a proprioceptor?  It is a nerve cell found in muscles, tendons and joint capsules which gives information concerning movements, position and alignment of the body. The highest concentration of proprioceptors in the body is in the spine, with the greatest amount being clustered in the upper cervical spine.

When a joint moves, the brain wants to know if the movement was healthy or not. This is huge when you realize that healthy movement of the spine is like ROCKET FUEL for your brain. All those sun salutations are doing just as much for your mind as they’re doing for your body!

Now, when joints slam or jam into each other, proprioceptors don’t fire.  Rather, noiceiceptors, or noxious stimulation receptors, get activated and the stress response is triggered.  Your fight or flight response is not triggered by a wooly mammoth or saber-toothed tiger, but by a stuck, jammed, or misaligned joint.

Believe it or not your jammed joints create the same physiological response as being put into a fight or flight situation. Your heart rate quickens, your cardiac output increases, there’s a flood of adrenaline, cortisol, and insulin and a laundry list of other negative responses. That’s all from a headstand or upward facing dog gone badly or hours slouched over a computer. Who knew?

Removing irritation or noxious stimulation from your spine with a dose of smooth, slow and steady movements will decrease your stress response and allow for a positive integration of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Yoga evolved from being a secluded meditative practice in which the yogi’s asana arsenal consisted of a comfortable sitting pose, to a complicated system of movement and breath. The yogi’s of old knew that if they could minimize the noxious/ noiciceptive input into and within the brain they would be able to decrease the stress response and go deeper into their meditative states. They somehow figured this …

Chiropractic from the Heart

by Arno Burnier

Chiropractic has transformed my life and the lives of thousands I’ve served over the years.  Beyond enjoying better health, natural healing and vitality, Chiropractic has impacted me in countless others ways.

I have gained respect for my body.  I learned to honor, value, care and nurture it.

My understanding of symptoms has evolved from fearing them to listening and being guided by them. I now recognize symptoms as being part of the inborn language of the body to get my attention, guide me, to let me know that something is array or simply that I am adapting to changes in my environment.

Pain is no longer something I want to suppress and avoid; it has become an enzyme of growth and transformation to change patterns of behavior and life style.

My rapport with sickness and disease has evolved, from seeing these processes as being abnormal, to viewing them as part of a dynamic equilibrium called wellness, as well as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

I now see the birthing process as a natural body function that can be approached with trust, joy and even pleasure.

I rather tune to the inner T.V. and radio station G.O.D. than indulge in the mediocrity and fear propagation of the media.

I have found a deep spirituality in trusting Universal Intelligence and connecting with Innate within. I am guided from the inside out by my spirit.

I have witnessed the dying process as a beautiful, natural process of life that, when un-interfered with, is a gift for both the departing and those that remain. It needs not to remain behind closed door hidden from society.

I see health as my sole responsibility and number one priority.

I understand that outer ecology starts with inner ecology and view Chiropractic as the “Cousteau Society” of the internal environment.

I have a clear understanding of the distinction between fixing, curing, biological healing and core healing.

I know that healing is cellular replacement, which means the creation of new cells. Creation comes from life, which is light, which is spirit. A corpse cannot heal but a living being can.

I know the spine as being sacred. The conduit for Life Force, the subtle currents of prana and apana as well as the channel for Kundalini energy. The spine is the organ of enlightenment as the energy rises to blossom into a thousands lotus petals flower in the brain.

I know that the nerve system does not control the body and its function and that it is the Life Force flowing through the nerve system that do.

I recognize the belief system as being as real as any other bodily system as our thoughts, words and feelings are actual chemical reactions in every cell of our body.

I value the gift and sanctity of life.

Trust is my faith, Nature my temple, Life my religion and Love my sword.

I could go on and on. By all accounts the transformation from my mechanistic, medical, therapeutic, …

How it Works – Your First Visit

Your First Visit to The Life Center Chiropractic

The purpose of the first visit is to gather information about your past and current health status.  After a brief tour of our office, you will sit with Dr. Jeremy Brook in consultation, to determine how we can best assist you.

Should chiropractic care be an option for you, you can choose to have a comprehensive chiropractic analysis performed.  This will include a full spectrum evaluation consisting of motion spinal palpation, computerized sEMG examination, infra-red thermography, and range of motion studies . Assessment of your spine follows to reveal exactly how your body’s performance is being compromised by vertebral subluxation- a misaligned spinal bone that interferes with the transmission of vital nerve signals.

Dr. Brooks Reviews Findings

That afternoon or evening, Dr. Brook will review your findings, then analyze them in detail to determine two things:  1) any unusual findings, which when present, may alter our Recommended Program of Care or facilitate possible follow up by another health care professional and 2) highlight any precautions necessary for you to receive chiropractic care.

Your Chiropractic Game Plan

Once we have done so, we will integrate these findings with the results of your chiropractic analysis and design a personalized game plan.

This visit has two primary purposes: 

1.  Discuss the findings of your chiropractic analysis and once fully understood

2.  Discuss your Program of Care and associated financial responsibilities.

It is recommended you bring any family members, significant others and friends that are involved in your life and your decisions.  There is no charge for this follow-up consultation.  Plan on spending 60 minutes at our office.

Should chiropractic care be appropriate for you, you can choose to begin care on this visit.  You will be taken to our comfortable adjusting suite where you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment; the first step towards regaining and maintaining your health.…