February 10, 2019

Join Allyn Cioban Sunday, February 10, 2019  to align your mind, body, soul and future!

What we think, what we talk about, what we feel, what we see, influence what we do – and this is how we attract and manifest our life. Those who don’t pay attention to the above may create what they don’t want, by default. However, Allyn can show you how to manifest exactly what you desire, on purpose!”

In this workshop you will:

~ be guided through a visioning process that will help you gain clarity about what you want for your future

~ practice breath work to clear your mind of false beliefs and engage your own power

~ create sound vibration to connect with your heart and your true purpose

~ move your body to release stagnant energy and circulate your creative life force energy

~create your very own Vision Board (it’s like making a collage!)

Please bring with you:

  • whatever you need to sit on to be comfortable (yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket)
  • magazines with words and images you love (magazines will also be provided, however, you may want to bring any that speak to your heart)
  • wear comfortable clothing so you can easily move your body during yoga segments, sit, warm up if you get cold, cool off if you get hot
  • bottle of water

What will be provided:

  • Vision boarding materials (magazines, scissors, glue, poster board, guidance)
  • Yoga class (Naam Yoga movement, breath work, and mantra meditation)
  • Light snacks




Dates and Times:

  • Sunday, February 10, 2019 from 1:00-5:00pm


  • The Life Center Chiropractic | 11686 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 | (310) 392-5456


  • $70 (includes all materials needed)

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited, please register now to reserve your spot!

Purchase your tickets here:


West los angeles chirpractor

In this video Los Angeles Chiropractor and Movement Specialist, Dr. Jeremy Brook, shares a video with you about a vitalistic approach to dealing with pain, tension, dysfunction.


Chiropractic Adjustment Yes we did make a music video! Why? Because the chiropractic adjustment is amazing with  helping relieve neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, stress, low back pain, sciatica, digestive problems, poor sleep….and more. It’s also about getting you reconnected to life! We believe that there is a strongest…most aligned, connected, and energized version of you… and it is our job to help you uncover it so you can reach maximum potential.

At The Life Center Chiropractic we believe that the chiropractic adjustment isn’t just a highly skilled technical procedure. It is an artform.  And you can absolutely expect to receive the most specific, precise, smooth adjustment adjustment when you come to our office.

Check out this CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT MUSIC VIDEO with Los Angeles Chiropractors, Dr. Jeremy Brook and Dr. Mike Isseks.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity. 🙂















Filmed at The Love Shack in Venice, CA.

Wall Art:
Artist: Cryptik

Dr. Jeremy Brook and Dr. Mike Isseks, Los Angeles Chiropractors provide holistic care for the communities of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, and other surrounding areas.

Follow Dr. Brook on Instagram to view the artistic aspect of his practice:

The Art of The Life Center Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a philosophy science, and art. The philosophy of vitalism. The science of the laws of the universe. The art of a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment. This video represents the “artistic” component of the The Life Center Chiropractic.…

Take the Power Back!

Greetings Friend,

Let’s get right to it….People want health. But health requires discipline. One of the main problems with our current health consciousness and health care system is that the majority of people take short cuts because they don’t want to do the work. Health takes effort and is a byproduct of being aligned with nature and all of its known and undiscovered laws.

Here’s the deal….come close….Health has been miserably taught and practiced for decades. People want it but have difficulty applying its simple principles because they don’t know where to begin. They are confused how to feed their bodies and minds.

We need to rehabilitate our heath care tradition to improve the transmission of life energy through our bodies and to the next generation. You see …the process of achieving and maintaining health can be transformational. To transcend we require alignment on all levels…physical, emotional, mental, social, financial, sexual, and psychic. Optimal alignment takes energy, discipline, and will power. With optimal alignment our bodies can adapt normally and efficiently to the flow of life around us.

The Life Center Chiropractic has a vision of health & wellness… and we stick close to it. We even have a manifesto to support our philosophy, science, and artistic expression.

Now if you are currently being served at our office…Thank you for allowing us to serve you! If you aren’t currently under chiropractic care and are interested in getting your spine checked, aligned and moving with grace and ease…give us call. We’d love to be your chiropractic home!

So until we see you in person… have a spectacular day!

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Jeremy Brook

P.S. Enjoy this music clip from Rage Against the Machine called Take the Power Back. If this doesn’t fire you up, it’s because of one of two things….#1. You hate hard rock or # 2. You hate hard rock. It fires me up….so I hope you get inspired by the song’s the raw energy! Be warned …. there are a couple bad words sprinkled throughout the song.

Art at The Life Center Chiropractic

We believe that art can be an integral part of the process of relieving stress and transforming your life. The physical element of our center focuses on your body’s conditioning, but your mind needs stimulation to maintain a healthy mental outlook.

With that in mind, The Life Center Chiropractic is excited to begin displaying art from local artists.

If you are an artist wishing to exhibit your work, please drop us an email!…