Chiropractically Approved Yoga TeachersHere’s the first batch of Los Angeles based teachers that Dr. Brook currently takes led yoga classes from.

You may see Dr. Brook in any of the following teachers’ classes… so be sure to practice with good form. 🙂




Click on their name to view their website and class schedule.

Grace Flowers

Grace Flowers








Meredith Liebross

Meredith Liebross








Tiffany Russo

Tiffany Russo








Rudy Mettia

Rudy Mettia








Alexandria Crow

Aexandria Crow








Mia Togo









Micheline Berry

Micheline Berry








Lauren Eckstrom

Lauren Eckstrom








Layna Daykin

Layna Dakin








Rachelle Tratt

Rachelle Tratt

















Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christensen








Hala Khouri









Patti Quintero









Saul David Raye

* No longer based in Los Angeles….but catch him when he’s in town!

Saul David Raye








Erich Schiffmann

* He teaches during Dr. Brook’s current adjusting hours…but is one of his most influential teachers…ever.

Erich Schiffmann








Catch these epic chiropractically approved yoga teachers at the following Studios in Venice, Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles.

Exhale Venice

Yoga Works

Hot 8

The Yoga Collective

Bikram Marina

Power Yoga- Santa Monica



This is by NO means the only list of teachers that Dr. Brook endorses. They are the main teachers that Dr. Brook currently takes led classes from. Stay tuned for another batch of super teachers you may want to check out too!…


Keep Calm and Get  Adjusted


portalWhen giving and getting an adjustment I like to imagine a portal opening up….transmitting healing nerve energy/ human electricity/ life force… to whatever lies at then end of that nerve portal/ tunnel….In a human being we’re talking specifically about organs, glands, blood vessels, and muscles.

Think about that the next time you get an adjustment. It’s so much more than getting “cracked.” But then again…expect to get your life “cracked open!”


process I’m a huge fan of setting goals so that your brain has something to lock in on…But I’m a bigger fan of the process required to achieve that goal.

I’ve found that people bypass the “work” and the “process” because they are so focused on the reward/ goal.

Kobe Bryant sure was blessed with great genes, but it is his work ethic and dedication to the process of being a LEGENDARY MASTER BASKETBALL PLAYER is what enables him to dominate at the highest level. His goal is to win The Championship every season and in striving for that goal he’ll take 10,000 shots in practice and spend hours outside of practice training his body and mind to reach its maximum potential. He is a man dedicated to the process of being the best!

In order to reach your maximum potential… don’t ingore the process. Entertain the idea of becoming process oriented vs. results oriented. It’s all about the now…. this moment…your current state of being. If you maintain a high level of effort and consciousness over a period of time..your goal will be reached.This process will require will power, discipline, skill, and courage and it;s for that very reason people opt for the short cut.

Don’t opt for the short cut! Make an innate shift…adjust your headspace… and focus on the process.


stressedAs a human being, you have the ability to express a wide range of emotions. But sometimes due to your modern, high tech, industrialized lifestyle, negative/ painful emotions get selectively buried because you just don’t have the time to deal with them.

When negative emotions surface it is best to experience them skillfully and dance with them. In English… breathe and move. If you don’t breathe and move and try to digest and circulate the painful emotions, they will get lodged in the body. Guarantee it.

Intelligent people, especially those with advanced psychological skills/ tools have the ability to hide/ store emotions away in labyrinths inside their brain. This compartmentalization of painful emotions that you don’t want to deal with, is like playing with fire, as you can bet they will surface in time….when the emotion needs to express itself. When that happens you may experience different types of manifestations, from poor sleeping, skin irritation, to restricted movement, to brain fogginess, altered digestion, sexual difficulties, and more.

Instead of creating to advanced strategies to hide them…entertain the thought of practicing advanced strategies to embrace, accept, and heal them.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, and chiropractic can all help you integrate emotions so you can be a well balanced/ high performing human!


images With a small amount of initial discipline, you can create a new habit that requires little effort to maintain. This is so important because your health, energy, and LIFE depends on your implementation of positive habits.

Here’s the formula for creating awesome habits and making them stick:

Habit= Cue + Routine + Reward



Enjoy this video where Dr. Jeremy Brook shares his high tech secrets to meditation.

In his meditation, he incorporates a Mindfold relaxation mask to block out all light, while listening to binaural meditation beats. Dr. Brook also uses an iPhone app made by Ambiscience to focus his brainwave activity to a specific frequency.



Imagine if a wellness specialist came to your office to train you and your co-workers how to have more energy, productivity and happiness… and give you a free tasty lunch at the same time?

Have Dr. Brook come to your place of business to provide you with proven strategies to make you more energy efficient and fatigue-free.

6 transformational workshops to choose from!

1. Abundant Energy: Life by Design!

Learn 13 time tested principles synthesized from the leading wisdom teachers & scientists of the ages for creating your most vibrantly awesome life on both mental and physical levels. As a bonus you’ll be taught an integration strategy so you can palpably feel these concepts within the first 15 minutes of the workshop.

2. Abundant Strength: Get a Spine!
The spine represents your backbone, your strength, your support and inner strength. This workshop is vital for those who desire to move through life with a strong foundation, an open heart, and a high precision mind.

3. Abundant Flexibility: Yoga at the Desk for the Corporate Athlete
Feeling tired, worn out, and tense? Learn how to combat fatigue and muscle stress through easy yogic sequences choreographed to be done right at your desk!! Your employer will love seeing you decrease your sick days and poor performance by increasing movement in your joints and muscles.

4. Urban Meditation: Diffusing The Stress Bomb
This is for the corporate samurai warrior. Learn simple holistic techniques for dealing with stress, staying focused, avoiding distractions, while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness! Guaranteed to quiet your monkey mind! You’ll learn breathing, concentrating, and meditating techniques to combat the stresses of work and life!

5. Power Posing: Alignment Secrets to Stand Tall Like a Redwood!
OMG! Combat the compressive effects of gravity, stress, and strain for extraordinary alignment, balance, and ease with power posing! By moving through 5 stances associated with confidence, power and achievement, you’ll learn how to transform your energy state in a matter of minutes. The health of your business depends on you and your energy!

6. Super Nutrition for Immunity
Reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, increased energy & longevity by following simple and essential nutritional tips validated by two million years of human evolution. This workshop is for people who want to look good…feel good, and also have more energy!

Please contact us if you would like to schedule any/all of these free workshops.

Call Today! 310-392-5456…


Upper Cervical misalignment = Poor Posture = Poor Health

1. Is your posture poor? Do you have rounded shoulders and/or forward head posture? Does your head feel heavy to hold?

2. Is your head tilted to one side and/or your head rotated to one side when you look in a mirror? This can be really subtle.

3. Does your nose or nasal septum deviate to one side? If so, you may find that it deviates towards the side to which your atlas has moved anterior (e.g. nose deviates to the left; then atlas is anterior on the left)

4. Is one of your shoulders lower than the other? Pull your shoulders back and down and look carefully for one lower than the other. Again it can be subtle.

5. Press firmly but gently with your thumb into the impression just below your skull at the top of your neck on both sides (see picture). This is known as the sub-occipital area. Find the base of your skull and press the soft flesh around that area. Is this tender or painful for you?

6. Do you have some shoulder and/or neck pain/aches, which don’t seem to go away?

7. Does your jaw click when you use it, open it to eat etc. Further check on this; Put your pinkies (little fingers) into your ear canals and chew normally. Do you feel a bumpy dislocation like feeling? This should be a smooth action in your joints.

8. Do you have any lower back pain or mid back pain (under the shoulder blades) niggles?

9. Can you move your head from side to side without pain or restriction? Is there a loss of Range of Motion (ROM)?

10. Do you have any sand paper, clicking or crunching sounds when moving your head from side to side in a ‘NO’ action? (i.e. cervical crepitus)

11. Is your hearing a problem or do you have other ear symptoms (e.g. tinnitus, watery sounds, blockages, vertigo, Meniere’s Disease, otalgia, recurrent
ear infections)?

12. Do you often get headaches or migraines?

13. Can you remember any trauma (even minor) to the head, neck or shoulders?

14. Was your birth difficult?

15. How’s your vision? – Sensitive to light, especially at dusk, floaters?

16. Do you experience any dizziness, vertigo or movement sensations (i.e. loss of proprioception)? Does the ground seem to move away from you?

17. Do you experience any tingling and burning sensations especially in fingers and toes?

18. Do you have confirmed Scoliosis of the spine, from x-rays? Do you have one leg shorter than the other or is your pelvis higher on one side?

19. Have you had any x-rays, CT scans or MRIs taken of your cervical spine (neck)? Do these reveal loss of cervical lordosis (neck curve), even a small


“Get the big idea and all else follows.”
B.J. Palmer, D.C.

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