COVID-19 Office Policy Updates – Please Read

Safe Work Practices

The Governor & city officials recognize the gravity of this situation & want Chiropractic offices to be open during this time of need.

Our office will be following strict CDC guidelines for safe operation. Disinfecting protocols, protective gear (if applicable) and social distancing will be executed.

We will limiting the number of people in our office to under 10 and will be honoring 6 foot distancing protocols between other patients. Since we can only have no more than 10 people in the office at one time, please make an appointment. Walk ins may not be seen.

To protect other patients, our staff and other Chiropractors….

If a person develops symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough or shortness of breath, and has reason to believe they may have been exposed, DO NOT COME. Information about what to look for can be found at This website is very comprehensive and can answer many of the questions regarding COVID-19.

If you have traveled by plane, please schedule two weeks from the date you landed.

Patients have a responsibility to protect your office too. If you have your own PPE, personal protection equipment, such as masks or gloves, please wear them.

Our movement area is closed, including the use of neck traction, backbenders and the craniosacral chair.

Every adjusting table is sanitized after each adjustment.

If you don’t want to lay down, we can adjust you seated and face up.

Checking In: There will be no iPad Sign-In. Bree and Shannon will check you in.

Upon entering, you will be instructed to use hand sanitizer which can be found in multiple places. We are well stocked with disinfectant supplies and more on the way.

In the event of overcrowding, we may be forced to prioritize availability.

  1. Hospital Staff: includes physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators.
  2. First responders: includes police, fire, EMT (municipal or private).
  3. Existing patients that are suffering with an acute, unrelenting injury or exacerbation.
  4. Pregnant patients.
  5.  All else.

Thank you for your patience as we are taking our time to clean and disinfect between every person. Stay strong and do your part to stop the spread.

We are so grateful to be able to serve you and yours.

Chiropractically Yours,

The Team of The Life Center Chiropractic…


The Cervical Salutations

Tuesday, March 5th 12:30pm-1:30pm

Join Dr. Jeremy Brook for a Lunch and Learn designed specifically for yoga teachers!

Learn the 16 Correct Movements of the Neck and the 2 Most Common Ones You Should Never Do.

Learn How to Unlock the Neck From Pain and Distress by Integrating a Scientifically Designed 6-Part Sequence Based on the Laws of Biomechanics.

We will spend time looking at what is actually happening to the shape of the neck during the most common “cues” and will discuss which and why some cues should be retired!

If You Ever Had Uncertainty How to Move and Position Your Head and Neck in a Yoga Pose….You Won’t After This Workshop!

Free for the first 20 yoga teachers who RSVP!

Our Anatomy Lab: Lunch and Learns sell out…. so don’t miss out!


MOVER= marital artist, weightlifter, dancer, athlete, coach, CrossFit enthusiast, or human.











Date: March 27, 2019

In the true spirit of California, Kassia Meador and Farmer Dave bring a new and refreshing approach to vibrational medicine and sound healing, surfing the wave of sonic evolution bridging ancient wisdom with modern techniques.

Come drop back into yourself with us. All you need to bring is your open heart… just follow your breath and the Rhythms Of Vision will do the rest….

Join us at The Life Center Chiropractic where we will work with crystal bowls, gongs, rattles and other sound healing instruments to give you a high vibrational aligning session.

All you need to bring is your open heart and some cozy blankets and pillows to launch from. follow your breath and lets elevate together!

Space will be limited to patients of The Life Center Chiropractic and then to the public.



The Life Center Chiropractic is thrilled to be hosting the BIRTHFIT PRENATAL SERIES.

“Birth is a big fat mystery with a unique journey for each woman and partner.

~ Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C

Having a birth plan  is arguably the most important plan you can ever put together…. for ALL parties.

Join Dr. Kristyn Silver-Brook, D.C. for a weekend intensive birth education class covering birth education and preparation as well as functional movement and mobility.

You will discover your own birth desires, make a postpartum “Super Mom” plan, and how to move naturally.

You and your partner will role play various labor and delivery scenarios, learn movement and comfort techniques that work for you as a pair, and integrate your favorite relaxation tools into your pregnancy training.

This class is simple, efficient, and to the point. It is definitely for the modern woman (and partner) that does not have time to mess around.

General Registration is $350
Date: February 16, 2019
Time: 9AM-4PM Sat, 3-6PM Sun

To sign up go to:



February 10, 2019

Join Allyn Cioban Sunday, February 10, 2019  to align your mind, body, soul and future!

What we think, what we talk about, what we feel, what we see, influence what we do – and this is how we attract and manifest our life. Those who don’t pay attention to the above may create what they don’t want, by default. However, Allyn can show you how to manifest exactly what you desire, on purpose!”

In this workshop you will:

~ be guided through a visioning process that will help you gain clarity about what you want for your future

~ practice breath work to clear your mind of false beliefs and engage your own power

~ create sound vibration to connect with your heart and your true purpose

~ move your body to release stagnant energy and circulate your creative life force energy

~create your very own Vision Board (it’s like making a collage!)

Please bring with you:

  • whatever you need to sit on to be comfortable (yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket)
  • magazines with words and images you love (magazines will also be provided, however, you may want to bring any that speak to your heart)
  • wear comfortable clothing so you can easily move your body during yoga segments, sit, warm up if you get cold, cool off if you get hot
  • bottle of water

What will be provided:

  • Vision boarding materials (magazines, scissors, glue, poster board, guidance)
  • Yoga class (Naam Yoga movement, breath work, and mantra meditation)
  • Light snacks




Dates and Times:

  • Sunday, February 10, 2019 from 1:00-5:00pm


  • The Life Center Chiropractic | 11686 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064 | (310) 392-5456


  • $70 (includes all materials needed)

PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited, please register now to reserve your spot!

Purchase your tickets here:




Breathing Foundations/Breathing Fundamentals is a class dedicated to improving health, wellness, and optimal expression of your “humanness” by re-learning normal breathing patterns and engaging in deep breathwork practice.

Daniel Cortez, one of the first Wim Hof Method Master Instructors, teaches the breathing methods of the Wim Hof Method as well as other foundational techniques based on years of study and practice.

This class is for everyone!

*Handle the stress of your daily life
*Overcome a health problem
*Increase athletic performance

Please bring an eye mask (Mindfold is the model I prefer) and a blanket if you would like. Wear comfortable clothing that is loose and allows you to breathe fully and deeply. It’s best to practice breathwork on an empty stomach so try not to eat right before class.

COST: $20


When navigating injuries it’s useful to EMBRACE a few crucial concepts so you can:

1. Get out of pain as fast as possible.

2. Stabilize your injury.

3. Heal your injury.

4. So you can get back to your normal active lifestyle at the high level you deserve and desire to be functioning at.

Watch this video to see how to be mindful of those signals your body is sending you so you can stay strong, aligned connected and energized.


Dr. Jeremy Brook…


Many are claiming that 2019 will be his or her “best year ever”.  I’m all for positive thinking, yet I ask the necessary and often overlooked question, how will this year be any different than last if you do nothing differently?

Let’s start with a health perspective…are you happy with your current state of health? I’m talking energy, mobility, posture, mood, vitality & pain levels. If you answered “yes,” you’re happy with all of these then great, proceed with the same as last year. If you answered no to any of these, the next thing to ask yourself is, “What 1 or 2 behaviors MUST I change that can lead me in the direction of improving that specific area?” Oftentimes we are just an “adjustment” away from gigantic breakthroughs, not just in our health but in other areas of our lives… mentally, emotionally, socially, sexually, financially and physically speaking.

Here’s the typical New Year timeline: You start out excited, talk, maybe even write down, all of the amazing things you’re going to do this year. Then by February it tapers off….WHY? You bit off more than you can chew. At least pat yourself on the back for at least being ambitious. But what is most important is CONSISTENCY.  Starting small will decrease the chances of feeling overwhelm, which is usually followed by procrastination, which gives you the best opporunity to be consistent and SUCCESSFUL.

We’re playing the game of MOMENTUM. We’re talking about the little hinges that can swing big doors.

Remember…You dictate the direction of your health. It’s on you. You are responsible for your health. Not your chiropractor, medical doctor or your insurance company. We challenge you to change the way that you look at your health, make these small behavioral modifications, and watch your energy and vibrancy increase.


Dr. Mike Isseks, D.C.


THE LIFE CENTER CHIROPRACTIC’S world-famous Dynamic Movement Sequences are now available online for the first time.

You asked for it… so we created it! We’re excited to share with you, THE WISE PROGRESSIONS, a unique, experiential online program.

What exactly is it?

The wise progressions is a full spine movement sequence based on chiropractic and yogic principles of alignment and bio-mechanics. You’re going to lubricate and activate all of the “stuff” in your spine… the joints, the capsules, the ligaments, the muscles, the tendons, the fascia, and the proprioceptors in a scientifically choreographed manner from the highest point of your spine, the occiput, to the lowest at the sacrum, as well as the “gateways to the spine,” the shoulders and hips. 

Watch the trailer below. 🙂



Injuries can be disrupting to the flow of life, especially if you’re an active lifestyle enthusiast who uses movement to keep your body firm and tight and your mind calm and sane. The hard part about injuries may not necessarily be the actual physical injury, but your mindset in dealing with it.

The lifespan of an injury has a few interconnected phases. The first phase is the initial trauma, which is followed by an uncomfortable period before the final phase, which is the recovery phase. How you navigate through these phases of your injury will determine your success in integrating the injury in order to heal. Failure to integrate and care for the injury carefully will result in frustration and dysfunction due to predictable aggravations and exacerbations that come with miscaring for it.

This journey of healing requires patience, persistence and dancing with your ego. The ego is all about “wanting.” Sometimes our wants get in the way of the healing process. We want to do a certain activity so much that we keep doing it even if it is inflaming and re-injuring the area- a self-sabotaging cycle.

It is critical to understand the basic nature of injuries. There are certain causes of trauma or injury, which are physical, chemical, or emotional level that has disrupted the equilibrium of your bodymind constitution. This disruption in your constitution results in disorganization, leading to an overly sensitive nervous system. This produces rigid neuromuscular patterns that disrupts your performance and proprioception and sets the scene for an injury. It’s here at the level of the nervous system that injuries are born.

Becoming aware of the tone of your nervous system should be second nature. But unfortunately, due to a bewildering amount of outward stimulation we lose the ability to appropriately tune inward to our “state of flow and ease.” We don’t pay attention to the body signals alerting us that a departure from “flow and ease” is occurring. We enter into a state of strain and that’s when we get the jolt of injury. The injury is the WAKE UP siren since we have ignored the softer signals.

After the initial injury, comes the awkward uncomfortable phase which also includes the “I’m slowly starting to feel better” stage. This is the phase where many people struggle. They struggle with the fact that they’re starting to feel better and want to jump back to the same intensity of training they were doing when the injury happened. It is critical to be aware of the ego struggle at this point as failure to allow for a full healing and integration. Many people get stuck in this battle, and the battle is real. This is where you need to negotiate with your injury. You’re not going to avoid all activities all together, but you need to move intelligently to allow your injury to breathe, expand and contract at a free-flowing rate. Failure to do so will cause you to stay stuck in this awkward phase …