By Dr. Mike Isseks, D.C.

Your health should be, without a shadow of a doubt, your most valuable asset. Imagine for a moment that you possessed all the material things that you could ever want, yet you’re unable to enjoy them because you haven’t prioritized your health as you should have in the first place.

You might hear the word Triage and instantly associate it with a hospital. Triage is defined as the sorting and allocation of care to patients according to a system of priorities, to maximize the number of successful outcomes. In short, putting whoever and whatever is most urgent, first.
This type of prioritization should be widespread and applied to the optimization of our health. If this is done correctly, the end goal should be impeccable health.

We run into a problem as we see our society’s priorities getting skewed. We see people putting money at the top of their list, maybe family second and health a mere 3rd or even further down the list.

Furthermore, it’s extremely common to see people covering up their pain or problems, or “treating them” with medications as opposed to doing everything they can to figure the root cause of their problem. Nine times out of ten, if their health was their number one priority they may have avoided these hurdles altogether.

If there is a time to start making your health a priority, and bump it all the way up to #1… it’s not next week, or next month, it’s right NOW. Make this change in your priorities and I can assure you you’ll be seeing some positive shifts in your life!

~Dr. Mike Isseks