By Dr. Eric Pinto

Our neuro-biology is wired for survival. 

Our consciousness is wired for expression. 

Think about the last time you watched a thrilling movie, and you know the main character was in a dangerous situation. 

You might have felt your physiology react as if you were in danger, yourself. The hair on the back of your neck stands up, your breath shortens, your body temperature may rise, and you’re anticipating something to react to. 

(If you feel your body doing this as you’re imagining it…take 3 deep breathes and continue reading )

Thankfully, we have these unconscious responses wired into us, for the benefit of our survival as a species. However, these mechanisms can directly compete with our ability and desire to be expressive human beings…

Why is that? 

The answer is lack of heart-brain coherence. 

I know Dr. Dispenza fans, or those familiar with the Heart-Math Institute, are probably nodding their heads with an emphatic YES, right now. 

Those that are unfamiliar, may not yet be aware that our hearts are far more than powerful blood pumping machines. Our hearts are highly intelligent organs, that generate the largest electromagnetic field from our body, when in a state of alignment and ease. Feelings of gratitude, joy, unity, and selflessness are scientifically shown to positively impact your field’s expression. 

Consciously striving to impact your heart’s electromagnetic expression, along with shifting your mental intention, can have dramatic effects on your health, happiness, and expression. This action, is what is called creating heart-brain coherence. 

Side effects (benefits) of heart-brain coherence are lowered blood pressure, decreased feelings of anxiety, stronger immune system, increased feelings of happiness and gratitude, and heightened creativity/mental clarity. 

In today’s fast paced, information-hungry society, you may not be surprised that coherence can be a fleeting event, and chronic stress, the antagonist to coherence, leads to many serious health conditions.

Now let’s get to the part where I help you make heart-brain coherence happen. 

Sit comfortably with your chest tall and expanded. Take deep breaths, inhaling from the base of your spine, moving up towards the peak of your head. On the exhales, continue the cycle going down the front of your body. Repeat. 

Close your eyes, and picture the future that you desire to achieve. Maybe you’re thinking about life after quarantine, where you’re re-connecting with friends and giving them a tight 10-second hug. Now, feel the gratitude and joy you would be experiencing in this situation. Linger in these feelings as long as possible, as they are what move you toward coherence. 

As you mentally venture back to your environment, it is key that you remain connected to the elevated emotions, as much as possible. 

Be kind and have patience with yourself, as the outside world will undoubtedly challenge your coherence. The good news is, you can repeat this process as needed. Practice makes perfect!

Lastly, take note on how your perspective of the world changes, as you shift your biology from survival to expression. It may or may not (definitely will) impact all those around you, when your heart’s electromagnetic field is firing on all cylinders 

Chiropractically Yours,

Dr. Eric Pinto, D.C.


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