Many are claiming that 2019 will be his or her “best year ever”.  I’m all for positive thinking, yet I ask the necessary and often overlooked question, how will this year be any different than last if you do nothing differently?

Let’s start with a health perspective…are you happy with your current state of health? I’m talking energy, mobility, posture, mood, vitality & pain levels. If you answered “yes,” you’re happy with all of these then great, proceed with the same as last year. If you answered no to any of these, the next thing to ask yourself is, “What 1 or 2 behaviors MUST I change that can lead me in the direction of improving that specific area?” Oftentimes we are just an “adjustment” away from gigantic breakthroughs, not just in our health but in other areas of our lives… mentally, emotionally, socially, sexually, financially and physically speaking.

Here’s the typical New Year timeline: You start out excited, talk, maybe even write down, all of the amazing things you’re going to do this year. Then by February it tapers off….WHY? You bit off more than you can chew. At least pat yourself on the back for at least being ambitious. But what is most important is CONSISTENCY.  Starting small will decrease the chances of feeling overwhelm, which is usually followed by procrastination, which gives you the best opporunity to be consistent and SUCCESSFUL.

We’re playing the game of MOMENTUM. We’re talking about the little hinges that can swing big doors.

Remember…You dictate the direction of your health. It’s on you. You are responsible for your health. Not your chiropractor, medical doctor or your insurance company. We challenge you to change the way that you look at your health, make these small behavioral modifications, and watch your energy and vibrancy increase.


Dr. Mike Isseks, D.C.