process I’m a huge fan of setting goals so that your brain has something to lock in on…But I’m a bigger fan of the process required to achieve that goal.

I’ve found that people bypass the “work” and the “process” because they are so focused on the reward/ goal.

Kobe Bryant sure was blessed with great genes, but it is his work ethic and dedication to the process of being a LEGENDARY MASTER BASKETBALL PLAYER is what enables him to dominate at the highest level. His goal is to win The Championship every season and in striving for that goal he’ll take 10,000 shots in practice and spend hours outside of practice training his body and mind to reach its maximum potential. He is a man dedicated to the process of being the best!

In order to reach your maximum potential… don’t ingore the process. Entertain the idea of becoming process oriented vs. results oriented. It’s all about the now…. this moment…your current state of being. If you maintain a high level of effort and consciousness over a period of time..your goal will be reached.This process will require will power, discipline, skill, and courage and it;s for that very reason people opt for the short cut.

Don’t opt for the short cut! Make an innate shift…adjust your headspace… and focus on the process.