Imagine if a wellness specialist came to your office to train you and your co-workers how to have more energy, productivity and happiness… and give you a free tasty lunch at the same time?

Have Dr. Brook come to your place of business to provide you with proven strategies to make you more energy efficient and fatigue-free.

6 transformational workshops to choose from!

1. Abundant Energy: Life by Design!

Learn 13 time tested principles synthesized from the leading wisdom teachers & scientists of the ages for creating your most vibrantly awesome life on both mental and physical levels. As a bonus you’ll be taught an integration strategy so you can palpably feel these concepts within the first 15 minutes of the workshop.

2. Abundant Strength: Get a Spine!
The spine represents your backbone, your strength, your support and inner strength. This workshop is vital for those who desire to move through life with a strong foundation, an open heart, and a high precision mind.

3. Abundant Flexibility: Yoga at the Desk for the Corporate Athlete
Feeling tired, worn out, and tense? Learn how to combat fatigue and muscle stress through easy yogic sequences choreographed to be done right at your desk!! Your employer will love seeing you decrease your sick days and poor performance by increasing movement in your joints and muscles.

4. Urban Meditation: Diffusing The Stress Bomb
This is for the corporate samurai warrior. Learn simple holistic techniques for dealing with stress, staying focused, avoiding distractions, while increasing your efficiency and effectiveness! Guaranteed to quiet your monkey mind! You’ll learn breathing, concentrating, and meditating techniques to combat the stresses of work and life!

5. Power Posing: Alignment Secrets to Stand Tall Like a Redwood!
OMG! Combat the compressive effects of gravity, stress, and strain for extraordinary alignment, balance, and ease with power posing! By moving through 5 stances associated with confidence, power and achievement, you’ll learn how to transform your energy state in a matter of minutes. The health of your business depends on you and your energy!

6. Super Nutrition for Immunity
Reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, increased energy & longevity by following simple and essential nutritional tips validated by two million years of human evolution. This workshop is for people who want to look good…feel good, and also have more energy!

Please contact us if you would like to schedule any/all of these free workshops.

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