Watch this video to bring your awareness to a zone of the spine that has tremendous biomechanical, neurological, and energetic properties and potential when properly aligned… I’m talking about the lumbo-sacral region which is remarkably designed.

How do you create optimal alignment and flow in this area? First get a chiropractic adjustment to this area you fee up the bones, the joints, and the discs of this intricate area.

After the adjustment do cannon balls, side bends, and rotations to lubricate the region and activate your innate intelligence. When you remove the interference your innate intelligence will create optimal internal organic alignment.

Throughout the day pay attention to the area right at the front of your sacrum to see which way your spine is tipping …forward or backward?
Don’t commit hari hari…. You know when the samurai ends his life with his kitara sword. This is the area of your power center….your solar plexus… Care for it well and you will be rewarded. Until we see you in person…stand tall my friend!!