The Science and Philosophy Behind the Vertebral Subluxation

The correction of a vertebral subluxation is the primary goal of a principled chiropractor. But many of us haven’t even heard of the term vertebral subluxation, despite the fact that is a serious obstacle in our expression of health, healing, wellness, and vitality. So what exactly is a vertebral subluxation?

Let us begin with some basic anatomy, physiology, and embryology. When you were conceived you were given a brain and a spinal cord first. So vital and basic the wisdom of your body encased it in an armor of bone. The bony armor of the human nerve system includes the cranium, 24 spinal bones, the sacrum, coccyx, and 134 articulations, and provides protection and flexibility of the brain and the most vital nerve channel known to mankind, the spinal cord. These two opposing functions make the spine and cranium an architectural and engineering masterpiece!

The nerve system, comprised of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and a dazzling array of neurotransmitters or chemicals controls, integrates, and harmonizes all the other systems. It gathers our sense impressions, coordinates all actions and movements, and is the instrument used in the evolution of one’s consciousness. It is the most amazing communication system known to mankind. It is our “Inner- Net” and our link to the inner and outer world.  It connects us to life.

Now out from the spinal cord, through holes or channels between the jointed vertebrae, run nerves that carry human electricity, innate force, life force, light, prana, or chi to every muscle, organ, gland, blood vessel, and cell in the body. Embryology tells us that these nerves are so vital that they must precede the formation of any body part.

Chiropractors are concerned with the relationship between the structure and expression of the human being, specifically the spine and nerve system, and how that relationship may affect one’s level of health, creativity, and performance.

There are times in our lives when one or more spinal bones, or vertebrae, lose their normal alignment or motion and cause interference to the spinal cord which it was designed to protect. The effect is interference and abnormal communication between the brain and body resulting in an altered state of function. This is called a vertebral subluxation.

The vertebral subluxation can arise on several levels, due to physical, chemical, emotional, or spiritual stress. These stresses create tension within the nerve system and interfere with the normal flow of human electricity throughout the body.

The vertebral subluxation robs the body of focus to think, metabolize, and power to heal. Any interference with the normal action of nerves in carrying human electricity or life force deranges their functions, and thereby deranges the function of the muscles, organs, or glands to which they go to. The result, an unbalanced body.

This deranged function can only be made normal by having the displacements (subluxations) adjusted resulting in a free flow of healing energy throughout the body. This is accomplished through the chiropractic adjustment.

This free flow of healing energy is felt in every fiber of your being and allows for a most exquisite human experience.