Chiropractic Against the Machine

Re-posted from 2006 Blog

Since we live in a free society, I want to take a minute to remind you that ONLY you are responsible for your health. Tonight while watching Lou Dobbs on CNN, I was blown away by the subject matter. One of the topics focused on the corrupt partnership between the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) and the pharmaceutical companies.

In a nutshell, the people on FDA panels who decide what drugs will be approved for sale, actually have positions in the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs that are up for review!

So for example, a recent independent study showed that a Cox-2 inhibitor drug, called Vioxx, doubled heart attack and stroke risk when taken for at least 18 months. Merck & Co., the pharmaceutical giant and maker of Vioxx, immediately pulled Vioxx from the market.

But last week, Merck & Co. Inc. made a surprise announcement that it would consider selling Vioxx again if a FDA panel decided the cardiovascular risks were similar to those of related prescription pain relievers. However, the people on this FDA panel actually work for Merck! Guess who’s back in the game! Vioxx!

Naturally most people take the word of the FDA to be true. I am suggesting you become radical when it comes to your health. The main agency that approves today’s drugs doesn’t have our best interest in mind. It is all about profits!

The United States of America should be the healthiest country on the planet with all our riches. Although we are the most technologically and pharmaceutically advanced country in the galaxy, we are ranked the 17th healthiest country in the world.

Drugs aren’t the answer. The answer lies inside you. It begins with your life force! Health begins with honoring and cultivating the circulation of your life force. You’re only as strong as the energy that courses through!

Chiropractic opens the channel. Then you need to move with intelligence and awareness to make sure the energy get deposited in the right place and in the right amount! Try yoga! Or tai chi! Or chi gong! Or aikdo! Just get the force circulating.

Let’s start the wellness revolution on the inside, get strong and take the power back!

Chiropractically yours,

Dr. Jeremy Brook