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Yogic Anatomy for Yoga Teacher Trainings

Dr. Jeremy Brook has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and is a recognized specialist in the fields of chiropractic and yogic anatomy. His workshops combine modern western science and chiropractic principles of alignment coupled with the ancient art of Hatha Yoga. Dr. Jeremy Brook has been recruited to teach “Yogic Anatomy through the eyes of a Chiropractor” by some of America’s most prominent yoga teachers, including Saul David Raye, Matthew Cohen, Shiva Rea, Tony Giuliano and Ally Hamilton to name a few and has been a guest writer for LA Yoga Ayurveda & Health Magazine. Dr. Jeremy Brook enlightens yogis and teachers as to the biomechanical and energetic nature of human anatomy and physiology, with an emphasis on the spine. Dr. Brook says, “Having lived in the yoga community, it has been my experience that yogis and teachers are extremely knowledgeable in the language of asana, but are deficient in joint anatomy. Being that humans have different body mind constitutions that don’t fit into one distinct style or system, some ‘final shape postures’ may never happen because one’s architecture isn’t designed to move in that manner. So I created a curriculum to teach them how the body moves and flows from a chiropractic standpoint.” It is easy for the yoga student to get buried deep in the biomechanics, physiology and neurology of the human body. Nevertheless, having a basic understanding of these subjects can propel you to a higher level of health and connectedness. This knowledge results in less pain, fewer injuries, accelerated recovery time, and enhanced performance. When we combine the science of the west with the philosophy of the east we get a complete person… a whole person… not just a body, not just a mind… but a mind connected to the body through an intricate connection of nerves that are clear of interference. Topics Include:
  • Basic Archetecture of the Human Body: Special Emphasis on the Spine
  • The Neurology of Yoga and its Supreme Position at the top of the Wellness Revolution
  • Basic Archetypal Distortion Patterns and Common Injuries
  • Scientific Healing Vinyasa Sequences
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