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Dr. Jeremy Brook, D.C., CCWP

Dr. Mike Isseks, D.C.  •  Dr. Kristyn Silver D.C.

Holistic Body Mind Training Program

Workshops to catapult you to supreme health! Part 1: Spinal Wellness This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of how to move, stretch, and strengthen your core infrastructure. A must for the modern homosapien! Includes a PowerPoint presentation featuring art by Alex Grey! Part 2: The Stress Bomb! A Holistic Apporach to Dealing with Stress This workshop will teach you about stress physiology and how to override stress through specific and scientific breathing, concentration, and meditation techniques. Part 3: Food as Medicine This workshop is will give you the ammunition you need to fill your body with all of its innate nutritional requirements. Email Dr. Jeremy Brook at [email protected] for additional information, or book him for your nutritional training!

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