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October 16th, 2014
ball front In this video, Dr. Jeremy Brook, Dr. Mike Isseks, and Dr. Kristyn Silver, demonstrate how to perform The Ball Chair Spinal Lubrication Sequence.         Watch it here:                             BALL CHAIR CHEAT SHEET NECK SEQUENCE 1. Funky Chickens- 10-25 repetitions 2. “No” motion- 10-25 repetitions 3. “Yes” motion- 10-25 repetitions 4. “Maybe” motion- 10-25 repetitions MID AND LOW BACK SEQUENCE 1. Cannonballs- 25-50 repetitions 2. Side Bends- 25-50 repetitions 3. Rotations- 25-50 repetitions IMPORTANT GEMS 1. Remember to breathe 2. Do all of the movements with superb posture. 3. Don’t go to your maximum. Leave some room to play. 4. Do this upon rising and going to sleep at the edge of your bed.…

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